7 Power Poses to Step Up Your Sales Game

We’ve got the easiest, most powerful and free hack to take your confidence to the next level: power poses. Just tweaking how you stand or sit can directly impact self-confidence and feelings of power and self-control.  

Research found that power poses actually can reduce cortisol—the stress hormone—and can produce higher levels of testosterone which will make you:

  • More willing to take risks
  • Better at performing your best in stressful situations
  • More likely to seek out challenges

Social psychologist Amy Cuddy struck a chord in the business world when she gave her famous TEDTalk  about the scientific evidence behind power posing. These immediate changes in your body language can be your key to greater success. According to Forbes, the benefits are many.  Using the right body language and practicing your power poses can help you:

  • Motivate others
  • Develop positive business relationships
  • Bond with team members
  • Present your ideas with pizazz—really make an impact
  • Project the 3 c’s: confidence, credibility and charisma

If you don’t feel so confident or want to give yourself a boost before that need-to-nail meeting or important interview, power posing is the act of taking a posture of confidence to make yourself more dominant. In fact, there are numerous studies linking high self-confidence with better sales performance.  

So, how can you start making an impact at work now?

Here are 7 simple power poses that can pack a huge punch for you professionally.

Take a Stand

Simply standing up commands attention and respect. When you stand up tall and take up space, you’re nonverbally displaying power, confidence and status. Stand up straight, keep your shoulders back and your head held high.  

Stand and Lean

If you’re trying to seal a deal, figuratively or literally, plant your hands on the table and lean forward. When you lean forward while standing, it shows that you’re engaged and in a position of dominance.  

The Wonder Woman

This is one of the most popular poses out there—the Wonder Woman. Try standing like this for 2 minutes every day or right before you need that extra boost of confidence. Stand with your feet apart and place your hands on your hips. And despite the name, the impact of this pose is just as effective to men as it is to women. Amy Cuddy wrote on the Harvard Business Review blog, “This isn’t about what your body language is communicating to others; it’s about what your body language is communicating to you: Your body language is changing your mind, which changes your behavior, which changes your outcomes.”

Check out these 4 leadership qualities that may help you make that leap forward and even inspire others.

Lean Back

Wanting to pitch an idea? Try this power pose: rest your feet on the table, clasp your hands behind your head and lean back.  

Stretch It Out

Try this power pose in your own space alone—try the elevator, the bathroom or the stairwell, or the comfort of your own home. Plant your feet widely and stretch out your arms overhead into a V shape. Hold this pose for two minutes and you’ll set those hormonal changes in motion and you’ll get the confidence you need.  

Do Your Favorite Power Poses When No One Can See You

If you’re writing a really big email or on a phone call, practice those power poses! Even though no one can see you, they’ll make you feel stronger, more alert and, the magic word of the day, confident!

Body Language Power Poses

Try one of these confidence-boosting tips from Forbes:

Make an impact in your career by trying these power posess to give you that professional edge. 

We’ve rounded up some of the greatest leadership quotes to amp you up to close that next deal and encourage your dedication, passion and hard work.  The next time any obstacles are overwhelming you, read through this list of leadership quotes for inspiration and ideas.

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