4 Ways to Get People to Actually Respond to Your Email

A person will receive up to 121 emails every day. An email is one of the easiest thing you can send out, but they’re also one of the easiest to ignore. So out of those 120+ messages that are landing in your clients’ inbox every day, how do you make sure yours is read and responded to in a timely manner? To boost your chances of getting an email reply, here are 4 tricks you can try.

4 Tricks to Get a Faster Email Reply

Make it about them

Don’t have your email sound like a sales pitch. Grab your contact’s attention by making the entire email relevant to them. Appeal to their personality and email in a conversational tone.  Give people a reason to respond.  

Request a response in your subject line

One of the easiest ways to get an email response is to simply ask for one. Let them know in the subject line or put ‘RESPONSE NEEDED’ at the end of the subject line. Use your subject line as a sound bite for your email and make it action-oriented.  

Ready to fend off inbox infinity—for good?  We’ve got 4 of the best email management tips to do just that!

Send it at the right time

If you want to get an email response, make sure your recipients are actually seeing and opening them. 50% of Americans admit to checking their phones in bed and 79% check their phones with 15 minutes of waking up. GetResponse found that the best time for people to open and respond to email is between 8 and 10 a.m. and 3 and 4 p.m. You’ll have to experiment with your send times to hone in on the perfect times for your own list.

Keep it simple & short

People tend to read emails very quickly nowadays, and from their mobile device. Aim towards short, powerful sentences that get right to the point. A short email ups your chances of being answered in a timely fashion and will also help steer them towards sending you a quick and easy response.  

Crafting the perfect email to get a response requires different strategies. Don’t be afraid to experiment and find out which ones work best for you!

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