4 Ways to Find a Mentor Who’s a Perfect Career Fit

Ever wondered how to find a mentor? If not, you should! Working alongside a mentor provides immeasurable benefits—not only will you receive help, advice and guidance when you need it most facing a challenge, you will also be able to pull from your mentor’s network of contacts. You could potentially find new clients, partnerships or employees through the contact list of a mentor.  

If you’re like most people, it can be difficult struggling with the first step: where do you even start when it comes to trying to find a mentor? We’ve got your back.

Use These 4 Tips to Find a Mentor Who’s Perfect for You

Talk to the Business Leaders You Admire

Now’s not the time to be shy when trying to find a mentor—generally people will be flattered when you ask for their advice. Don’t pick a person who’s your direct competitor, but try approaching someone who works in the same industry or similar business. It can be as simple as asking him or her if they’d be willing to spare some time to give you advice.


Volunteer events are a great way to meet like-minded professionals. Seek out volunteering opportunities near you that match your interests.

Be Open to New Contacts

You could potentially find a mentor anywhere when you’re open to new experiences and meeting new people. Talk to strangers. Get to know those acquaintances you see every week. You’ll be surprised who will give you the next huge introduction or offer some incredibly useful advice.

Check Out Local Industry Events

Try checking MeetUp or Eventbrite and search for keywords relevant to your industry and an endless list will pop up with events that you could attend. Going to industry events is an excellent way to learn about your industry, learn something new from the experts and  network with the people you meet.


Here are 4 characteristics every mentor should possess:

    1. Find a mentor who is willing to share. Seek out a mentor who is a good communicator and values relationships.
    2. Find a mentor who is respected. Is this individual respected in your industry or another? A mentor should be someone who you look up to and want to emulate.
    3. Find a mentor who can offer constructive criticism. Providing constructive criticism is a delicate art. With the right feedback and fresh viewpoints provided, you can grow and excel.
    4. Find a mentor who is committed to growth. Are they committed to their own learning? Someone who has a growth mindset will encourage you to grow as well.

If you’ve hit a plateau or a rough patch in your career, it’s nice turning to someone who was once where you are now. Seek out a mentor who has learned the secret to success and is willing to share their secrets with you.  

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