How to Sell Insurance and Make Your Clients Say “WOW!”

Wondering what your secret weapon on how to sell insurance is?  Winning the race against competitors by always providing stellar customer service.  The world is becoming increasingly disconnected so it’s even more important now to stand out by delivering excellent service through your one-on-one connections.

Capture Your WOW Factor.  Your job is to carefully capture your flavor, your WOW Factor.  This WOW Factor can simply mean that when your client hangs up the phone with you or walks out of your office, they think “WOW—they really care!”  

Don’t Be a Copycat.  You can’t just copycat your path to success.  Do things differently.  Do it your way.  Be a game changer. Steve Jobs said it best, “Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower.”  Do some serious soul searching to define what makes you unique and sets you apart from the rest.  Discover your unique WOW factor and weave it through all of your communications.  Weave your WOW through your emails, meetings, phone calls, advertising and your website.  

Harness the power of providing the best customer service possible.  Here’s how to sell insurance and drive that elusive WOW Factor!

Have Meaningful Interactions

There’s a magic to having meaningful interactions with your clients and prospects.  Remember their son’s name, the local food joint that offers their favorite dish and what they like to do on the weekends.  These real and meaningful interactions create the kind of loyalty that’s not price-dependent or exactly like the other insurance agent down the road.  Build trust by being real to strengthen your relationship with customers to keep their business on your book for a long time.  

how to sell insurance

Educate With Effectiveness & Ease

Most of your prospects won’t fully understand just how insurance works.  Explaining it simply and effectively without being condescending provides them with an incredible amount of value.  Your prospects will feel more confident that you will be a positive and helpful resource for them when they see how much you understand insurance and explain it in a thorough way. Never just spit out a bunch of terminology they won’t understand.  Always ask questions and engage—never lecture.  


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