Selling Insurance with a Spark: Why Passion Makes You Successful

No matter what you do in life, it can be difficult to keep the fires of passion burning bright.  While no job is perfect, the key to being happy and fulfilled is being able to see the positive impact that it has in your life and the lives of other people.   

Finding success and being a top performer takes hard work.  Some of the keys to success in selling insurance are:

  • Staying motivated
  • Being passionate
  • Practicing personal accountability
  • Treasuring integrity
  • Having the right attitude
  • Becoming more self-aware

You got into the insurance business for a reason.  There was a goal and a purpose behind what you do and that “thing” fuels your drive for success.  For some, that driving purpose is helping others and making a difference.

We all get discouraged at some point.  It may be time to rediscover and reignite your passion for selling insurance to increase your overall sales results.  

So how do you reignite and retain that passion you had for selling insurance when you’re tired and frustrated?  

If you’re feeling like your pilot light is out, here are a few simple things to remember to spark your excitement.

Reignite Your Passion for Selling Insurance

It’s a way to do good

If you want to make a difference and have a positive impact on people’s lives, selling insurance can be a way to do just that.  You have the privilege of helping many people secure themselves and their livelihoods efficiently and with their best interest in mind.  

You can always learn something new

The insurance landscape is always changing.  There are new products introduced, laws and regulations changed and new consumer trends emerging.  These constant changes will always keep you on your toes.  Never stop learning to keep expanding your areas of expertise to provide clients with your best insurance solutions.  

It’s a challenge

The insurance industry can be incredibly competitive.  You have the chance to meet challenges head-on. You may be described as having a “fighting spirit” and have the ability to “see rejection as a stepping-stone to success”.  If you thrive in a competitive environment, that determination and drive will help you be at the top of your game.

You are a protector

You help protect individuals and families as an insurance agent.  You work alongside them to protect the people and the things they care about most.  

Remember that opportunity is always knocking

If you work hard, you can go the distance as an insurance agent.  No matter what is happening around us, there is always a need for someone to buy insurance.  

You can be flexible

Most people dread the 9 to 5 grind.  Typically, insurance agents have control of their own schedules and don’t have to follow the same rigid timetable that many others need to follow.  If you like to workout in the morning, meet up with your clients in the afternoon or evening.  You’re not tied down to a desk and have the flexibility to get your work done when it makes the most sense for you—and your clients.  

Find a mentor

If you’ve hit a plateau or a rough patch in your career, it’s nice turning to someone who was once where you are now. Seek out a mentor who has learned the secret to success and is willing to share their secrets with you.  

Selling insurance can be challenging, but it can also be one of the most rewarding jobs in the world. Re-ignite your passion and success will come to you!

The next time any obstacles are overwhelming you, read through this list of leadership quotes for inspiration and ideas.  Ignite your insurance sales with these 25 leadership quotes.


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