How to Turn up the Trust Factor as an Insurance Agent

Your customers want to know they can trust you as an insurance agent.  Before people know that you are trustworthy and  you genuinely care about them, they’re likely to view you as just another salesperson trying to make a sale.  So how can you as an insurance agent build trust with your clients?  The answers may be simpler than you think.  

Here are 4 specific ways you can build trust and strengthen your relationship with customers to keep their business on your book for a long time.  

Treat everyone like family

Build trust and loyalty with every single prospect by treating them with respect and like they are one of your friends or family members.  Focus on what is truly best for them and listen.  They’ll be able to tell right away  you are interested in meeting their needs rather than just making another sale.

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Show them the value

Many a policyholder who do not take a moment to consider value.  Instead, they quickly pick the coverage that makes the lowest out-of-pocket impact.  According to an article from Agency Bloc, customers most trust insurance agents who find them good rates. Explain and demonstrate the value of coverage.  Use visuals like infographics or graphs to snow comparative value across products during your presentation.  

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Show personality

There is no one out there who wants to listen to rehearsed sales pitches.  Prospects are searching for an insurance agent who will understand their needs and will work hard to meet them.  Talk naturally with them, as you would with a friend, smile, look them in the eyes, be human!  Use their first name during conversation, listen and offer solutions for their unique circumstances.  


To put it simply:  if you say you will  to do something, do it.  Never promise a client you’ll get back to him by Monday if you know you won’t until Friday.  When you keep your promises and really deliver on them, and in a timely manner, it will help to build trust between you and your clients.  

Now you have the tools to turn up the trust and be a trustworthy insurance agent.

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