How to Get More Insurance Clients

It can be serious work figuring out how to get more insurance clients.  You can build a successful and strong insurance agency without depleting your bank account or sending out hundreds of postcards that never seem to attract in any business anyways.  

Here’s how to get more insurance clients in 4 simple and effective ways.


Networking with other professionals is a great solution to get more insurance clients.    Most cities have networking groups where other insurance professionals like you meet on a weekly or monthly basis to entertain , trade marketing strategies and refer business to each other.  These networking groups are often diverse which can allow you to meet other professionals who can recommend your services to their clients.  

Follow up.  Always.  

Create a process that works best for you to contact and follow up with any of your insurance prospects in less than 24 hours.  The faster the better.  

As Client Focus empowers you to focus and connect, you’ll see an increase in revenue, retention, and referrals.  Contact us today!

Determine your ideal client  

Sit down and ask yourself, who is your ideal client?  Someone with good credit?  Bad credit?  A new family?  Define your ideal client and make sure you are ability to fit their specific and unique needs.  Next, identify where your ideal client is and start marketing!  

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Educate others through an event

An event can combine traditional advertising with personal contact.  This way, you can communicate the value of your services to more people at once, engage with them and connect.  Here’s how to get more insurance clients with events:

  • Seminars.  You can  reach a large audience of interested insurance prospects by organizing a free seminar on useful insurance topics.  Make sure the topics of choice are interesting and relevant to keep them interested.  Genuinely educate people on the topics that are important to them to be successful.   
  • Q&A.  Similar to a seminar, hosting a Q&A session has a more laid-back approach with no set topic that you will be talking about.  If you are an expert in your industry, it won’t be difficult at all to answer questions related to insurance that attendees might have.  

Implement these effective tips on how to get more insurance clients TODAY.  

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A Practical approach to building sustainable growth for your insurance agency

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