How to Hit Your Insurance Sales Process Goals

If you’ve ever laid out some big goals for your insurance sales process, you may not be entirely sure where to hit  them.  Or perhaps you need to hit a certain number before the month is done and you’re spinning around in circles on where to begin.  Some common barriers to reaching your insurance sales process goals could be:

  • Lack of firm goals
  • Lack of goals routine
  • Loose action plan

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If you haven’t set the target, you won’t have much of a chance of a bulls-eye.  There is an incredible power in setting goals and action plans.  To set yourself apart as an insurance agent you must live by the goals you set.  Don’t worry, it’s not as complicated as it sounds.  You won’t have to sort out your life’s purpose i to achieve in your insurance sales goals.  What you need to do is set a target.  Your goals.  And the simpler your goals are, the easier they will be to stick with.

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Here is a start to a simple roadmap to help you build and stick to your own insurance sales process goals routine.  

Write Out Your Specific Goals

Get crystal clear about what you want to accomplish and write that down.  It could be something like:

  • I want to provide my clients with high value
  • I want my clients to know I care about them
  • I want to grow my business
  • I want to make X amount in commissions this year
  • I want to get X accounts this year

Review Your Goals Daily

First thing in the morning every day, review the goals you have set.  Say your goals out loud.  Then, review your action plan for the day ahead.  This should only take a few minutes of your time.  At the end of each day, review how your day went, and set goals and actions for the next day.  

insurance sales process

Review Your Goals Once a Week

Once a week, review your goals. Think about reviewing them with a goals partner.  This person could be a mentor, friend or peer.  Your goals partner can work with you weekly to make sure you are staying on top of your goals, pushing yourself and staying committed.  Things you can discuss and strategies can include progress, milestones, and anything that is hindering you from reaching your goals.  

Create a Daily to Do List 

Every day, create a list of items you need to accomplish that day.  Choose 2-3 items from this list and do them.  These items could be as easy as emailing  or making a phone call.  

Set your insurance sales process goals and your actions and hit the target. Get ready to see some amazing results!  

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