3 Tips to Thrive as a First Time Manager

Congratulations!  You’ve been promoted to your first management position.  It’s a career win if you have your first time manager job—it’s a sign that you’ve done something right in your job and work life.  It’s incredibly exciting becoming a first time manager, but it can also be extremely overwhelming.  Some of the questions swimming around in your head may be:

  • Will I be a good manager?
  • Will I be a good mentor?  
  • Can I empower others to do their best to work together?  
  • How do I establish trust with my team?

The power is now in your hands to make an impact, effect change and guide your team towards success. If you’ve never been in a leadership role before, you may be a bit intimidated by the prospect of leading and motivating your team.  Management isn’t easy, and there are important steps that can make the transition a bit smoother.  Client Focus wants to help you start strong and thrive as a first time manager with these 3 simple tips.  You got this.  

3 Tips to Thrive as a First Time Manager

Embrace Feedback

To effectively build relationships with your team, embrace feedback—the good and the bad.  Always ask questions and never shy away from feedback opportunities.  Constructive feedback can go a long way to your success as a first time manager.  

Seek Out Mentors

Before you try to act like a manager, it’s critical to learn what it means to be one first.  It’s your first time managing—don’t assume you know what you’re doing right off the bat.  Actively seek career mentorship.  Someone who can help guide and support you and with whom you can confidentially discuss any issues that may arise. Seek out a mentor who has excelled at being the type of manager that you want to be.  

Be an Example

Your team is going to look to you when they need inspiration, motivation or an example of what to do or how to behave.  You are that solution.  You’re now the example that others need to follow.  The way you handle challenges and the values you demonstrate will be considered the measuring stick for how others will act and behave.  When you walk the talk, you’ll be a much more effective leader.  Inc. shares 11 remarkably effective ways you can lead by example.  

Get off on the right foot with these tips to make your job as a first time manager super smooth and successful.  


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