Wishing a Great Future to Jackie Haas After 5 Years!

Thursday, April 6 is a day of mixed emotions for those of us at Client Focus. We have a goal to see our employees develop themselves and leave for professional opportunities with much steeper career trajectories. So we’re thrilled to see Jackie move on to the next stage in her career in style.

At the same time, it breaks our hearts to see someone go who has been with us for five years and who has made such monumental contributions. Here are just a few of the amazing things she’s done.

Jackie is incredibly promotable. She started as a caller, became a consultant, and was promoted to Team Leader.

Jackie embodied our vision of a company whose foundation is relationships of trust and value. She has maintained long-term relationships, including one agent who has been her customer for four years, and for whom she has scheduled well over 800 appointments.

The real test of Jackie’s professional development came when she became a team leader and took on accountability for developing people and working with others to produce results. Jackie’s empathetic leadership style, tempered by a focus on outcomes, freedom, and accountability, made her a strong asset and proved her qualification for a career full of leadership opportunities.

We hate to see her go. Hate it. A lot. But we’re so proud of her and so thrilled to see her believing in herself enough to go massively upgrade her career that we can’t be happier.

We wish her well, and we hope that she’ll stop by to share her new stories. What an amazing role model for others who are working hard and smart to establish careers!

Jackie’s parting words of wisdom are these: “Don't stay in your comfort zone. Go out and experience and learn all that you can.”

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