16 Positive Mantras Every Salesperson Should Swear By

Successful insurance sales professionals learn quickly how to maintain a positive attitude and develop a thick skin. Your job requires passion, hard work, time and dedication and sometimes positive mantras can amp you up to close that next deal. Positive mantras can have a seriously powerful impact on sales performance.  Sometimes you need them for a little boost in motivation, to get over a lost sale or to be reminded why you love what you do.

To ensure positive mantras work for you, keep them handy and every morning, choose a few to repeat several times during the day.  Keep them on your mirror, at your desk, or write them on the back of your business card and repeat them before sales calls. As you hear these positive mantras, your subconscious mind will start to create new thought patterns and positive mental associations.  These positive thoughts then trigger new actions that will lead to more successful results.  

We’ve gathered 16 positive mantras to help motivate you and skyrocket your sales drive.  

  • Every day and in every way I am continually improving and growing.
  • I am an effective and powerful presenter and sales person.
  • My ability to listen and have empathy for others is only surpassed by my ability to truly understand the needs of others.
  • My clear honest positive disposition makes me magnetic and charismatic.
  • I always have the best interest of my clients and my team in mind when making decisions that will affect them.
  • I am finding it easier and easier to constantly improve myself personally and professionally everyday.
  • I keep commitments and only make commitments I am willing to keep.
  • I realize that courage and momentum are created by taking action and I love to take action.
  • Action today is exhilarating and reaffirms the true champion inside of me.

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  • Preparation, organization, and planning are part of the sales process and I am getting better and better at doing them.Being organized means less work, more efficiency and more time to do the things I am good at and love to do.New positive habits and desires have started deep inside of me today.
  • I have clearly defined goals and I will pursue them today with enthusiasm, determination and discipline.
  • Today, I will meet the right people in the right place at the right time for the betterment of all. 
  • Today, I will do what I fear most and thus I'll control my fear. 
  • I will see failure as only a signpost on my road to success.
  • I see every problem as an opportunity to overcome a challenge. 
  • I never take rejection personally. I am first and foremost in the people business. I realize that they can only reject my proposal, not me. I keep on keepin' on. 

Stay inspired! Tape these positive mantras to your mirror or keep them on your desk so you can repeat them throughout the day. The more you practice saying these positive mantras, the more natural and effective they will become.  

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