3 Grassroots Insurance Marketing Tools to Put on Your Radar

Marketing doesn’t have to be entirely digital, and it doesn’t have to break the bank. Regardless of your budget, there are a few simple things that you can do to be a better insurance agent and help your agency thrive. Check out these three simple insurance marketing tools to help you get started.

3 Grassroots Insurance Marketing Tools That Work

One: Good Old Fashioned Paper

In the digital age, many insurance agencies undervalue what we consider to be one of the most effective insurance marketing tools available: leafleting and tabling efforts. Whether you have a six figure marketing budget or none at all, distributing marketing collateral in key areas can be a great way to gain new leads and establish relationships with members of the community that you are aiming to serve.

Leafleting and tabling can take several different forms. Whether your agency pays for a booth at the local farmers market or a large scale convention, or you simply place flyers on community bulletin boards and in local restaurants, this old fashioned insurance marketing tool is sure to help you create top-of-mind recall in your community and drum up new business for your agency.

Two: Always Carry Your Card

Insurance sales are about service, and one of the keys to providing good service is to make yourself available. Similar to flyers and other print collateral, business cards are often undervalued in the modern networking process--we think that this is a big mistake. Business cards serve a very important role in establishing relationships, which is why you should be sure to always have yours on hand.

Having a business card on hand conveys that you value your new acquaintance and would like to continue your discussion and your willingness to do business. Not having one available may convey exactly the opposite message--so be sure to always have some to pass around when the opportunity arises.

Three: Networking Matters

In the same vein, much of the insurance business relies on establishing friendly, reliable, and trustworthy relationships with the people that you serve. That’s why our third grassroots insurance marketing tool is all about networking. Networking is one of the most important skills for an insurance agent to have both on and off the clock, as you never know when the opportunity to establish a new relationship may appear. This may take the form of either a new client or professional relationship.

Business networking can help generate new business for your agency through referrals, introduce you to seasoned professionals who may offer their mentorship, and provide you with a built-in source for marketing your insurance services. Marketing can happen automatically when you have a strong network, opening your agency up to new clients who you may have otherwise been unable to reach.

Insurance marketing can be a tough nut to crack. How do you close sales without sacrificing the relationships you have built with your clients? The key lies in putting your best, most personal foot forward, and prioritizing service over sales at every step of the process. In doing so, you become your own best marketing tool--and your clients will surely appreciate your authenticity and willingness to do what is truly best for them.

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