The Art of Dealing with An Unhappy Insurance Customer

Mistakes happen.  And even if something wasn’t your fault, you will eventually have an unhappy insurance customer somewhere down the road.  It’s inevitable no matter how stellar you are as an insurance agent—chances are you probably have received at least one or two complaints.  

The key is knowing how to react.  

While you can’t always avoid having an upset customer, you can change their mind.  Don’t get defensive or be too hard on yourself: instead think of every complaint as an opportunity to make things right with that particular customer. Here’s how.

We’re providing you with some of the tools you need in the event an insurance customer is unhappy.

4 Tools to Deal with an Unhappy Insurance Customer

Always communicate in person

It’s always the best idea to have an emotional or complex conversation in person.  Things are easily lost in translation over an email or text, or even on the phone - it’s much easier to engage and communicate empathy and concern while face-to-face.


Sometimes it can be as simple as listening to turn an unhappy insurance customer’s mindset around.  Don’t speak, just listen. Listening can be one of the quickest—and easiest—ways to take control and turn around a negative customer experience.  Make sure that your insurance customer feels heard. Listening will also help you to better understand their feelings and allow you to react or explain accordingly.

Avoid the blame game

Stand behind your team even if the issue at hand wasn’t your fault.  Step up and take responsibility and never blame others for any mistakes that were made.  This will also help unify your team.  Knowing that you have their back will keep them loyal.  Securing, and keeping, valuable employees is as equally important as valuable customers.  

Be polite and professional.  Always.  No matter what.

The absolute worst thing you can do with an unhappy insurance customer?  Argue with them in person or over email.  No matter what the customer says, always respond in a kind, polite and professional manner. Take the high road. Always.  

The way you respond to an unhappy insurance customer and complaints is an important part in developing loyalty and ensuring success.  Add these tips to your arsenal and you’ll be able to diffuse any tricky situation!

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