The Art of the Follow-Up For Insurance Agents

There is a whole lot more to selling insurance than meets the eye.  A lot of hard work and dedication goes into selling insurance: pitching, presenting, closing, developing a relationship, building trust and numerous other skills successful insurance agents possess.Insurance agents know that a follow up appointment can skyrocket their closing opportunities.  This is when your active selling skills need to be put on ice and you get to flex your follow-up muscles instead.  Following up is an art in its own right. For example, let’s say a prospect has fallen right into your lap and has requested an insurance quote.  You provide the quote and let them know that they can reach out to you for any questions they may have.  For most insurance agents, this is where they go wrong.  They leave the ball in their court and stop there.  Your next step should be to follow-up.  

Following up will keep you in the forefront of the clients’ minds and leave a positive impression of you and your insurance agency. Clients want to know that they are valued.  There is no better way to demonstrate that than to be consistent in your follow-up communication.  Insurance agents everywhere can benefit from a refresher on the art of the follow-up.  Here are a few things you may be overlooking when it comes to perfecting your follow-up skills.  

Following-Up Done Right For Insurance Agents

While persistence is one of the best traits an insurance agent can master,  the follow-up is perhaps more critical.  Prospects are constantly bombarded with calls and emails competing for their attention.  So the question becomes, how can insurance agents make sure their follow-up garners a response? The easiest and most effective answer might be to outsource.

Outsource With Client Focus

Client Focus has mastered the art of the follow-up, as well as many other areas that take up valuable time. Client Focus’ platform ensures client satisfaction and prevents “churning and burning” through client lists. Client Focus can do this with one of our most popular services:

  • Thank You Calls
  • Welcome Calls
  • Appointment Scheduling
  • Marketing Campaigns

We’ve built a thriving business around turning your most tedious work into a high-touch, technology-enhanced program for rekindling client relationships.  Not only have we  mastered the client follow-up, but we also connect clients to insurance agents and keep them connected. Learn more about how Client Focus can help you with your follow-up here!

Client Focus can help you hit your target.  As Client Focus empowers you to focus and connect, you’ll see an increase in revenue, retention, and referrals.  Contact us today!

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Follow Up More Than You Think You Should

Don’t give up after following up one time.  The general consensus is that six is an appropriate number for following up.  If you don’t get a response after a few days, wait a week or two before following up again.  You want to seem genuinely interested and attentive but never desperate.  If executed correctly, your follow ups can project an air of consistency and willingness to put in the work for your prospect.  

Follow Up Fast

Create a process that works best for you to contact and follow up with any of your insurance prospects in less than 24 hours. The faster the better.  Following up quickly will build a rapport and demonstrate your attentiveness.  A speedy response lets the customer know that you care and can guide them through the complicated process.  It also will give you a chance right away to address any questions or concerns while they are still fresh in their mind.

Following up with potential customers is crucial to your success at your insurance agency. Don’t let your follow-ups go unanswered. Redouble your efforts by mastering the art of the follow-up using these helpful tips.  

Pivot Your Insurance Agency Towards Sustainable Growth Are you an insurance agent who feels that your agency is stuck? Is your team grinding new leads each month yet your agency never seems to grow? Client Focus has worked with thousands of agents over the past 15 years just like you. Our purpose is to help your insurance agency pivot onto a path to sustainable growth.

A Practical approach to building sustainable growth for your insurance agency

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