Do You Have the “It” Factor? 4 Ways to Build Charisma

“Charisma is the intangible that makes people want to follow you, to be around you, to be influenced by you.”

— Roger Dawson

Some people just ooze charisma. If you’ve met someone who is charismatic, you know instantly they have that awesome ability to draw you in, make you feel comfortable right away and capture your full attention.  They have that certain ‘it’ factor.Charisma may seem like something you are just born with, a natural and intangible ability, but really anyone can display charismatic traits and build charisma to positively attract others. So what is it exactly that makes someone have charisma? There are many traits but these four C’s of charisma are the core of this type of personality:

  1. Confidence
  2. Compassion
  3. Connection
  4. Conviction

Do you already possess any or all of these traits?  Or are you not naturally charismatic?  Don’t worry.  Charisma can be cultivated. Here’s how.

4 Ways to Build Charisma

Develop a Sense of Confidence

Project confidence.  Be bold yet humble.  Having charisma means having the ability to act authentically and with assurance—not worrying about what other people think.  Having an assertive and confident manner is something people can sense right off the bat. Practice projecting a calm confidence.  

Love & Embrace Life

People who are charismatic don’t simply live their lives, they embrace it—celebrate it!  Celebrate each day and don’t complain. Enjoy the journey.

Be Enthusiastic

It’s difficult to fake enthusiasm.  Enthusiasm is such an authentic emotion it can only occur when you sincerely engage with what someone else is doing or saying.  Sincerely feel enthusiasm in order to have it come across powerfully and effectively. It’s essential to be fully present and engaged.


Conquer Conversation Basics

Someone who is charismatic knows how to communicate.  They know just how to start a conversation, make others feel comfortable and steer it in the right direction.  If your basic communication skills need some work, practice makes perfect!  Communication is one of the best ways to really connect with others and make an impact.  Listening is part of communicating effectively.  The ability to really hear what someone is trying to communicate to you, both verbally and nonverbally, is key.  Speak skillfully and you will truly be heard.

Charisma is something you can learn.  It’s a powerful trait that will help increase your influence and help you add value to others. Start cultivating charisma for success as an insurance agent!

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