Excellent Customer Service Sells Insurance

Excellent customer service in the business of insurance is gold. It makes or breaks your entire insurance agency.

Every single customer out there (including you) has their fair share of customer service horror stories—and a bad experience is never forgotten. So, why not make sure to give them amazing customer service stories instead?

Consistently providing excellent customer service is critical for your agency’s success and survival. It’s vital. And it’s not as difficult as you may think.

Not only should you provide excellent customer service, but it should also be memorable customer service.

Let’s take a look at some of the simple ways you can go above and beyond .

Excellent Customer Service Tips

Thank Them

Every time one of your customers recommends you and your agency, take the time to acknowledge it and say thank you. Reach out to them personally and thank them for the referral. Maybe even send a handwritten thank you card or small gift as a token of your appreciation.

Always Look Out for Them

Why would anyone give you their business if you didn’t have their best interest at heart? Always look for discount opportunities. Think about what an exceptional experience it would be for your client to get a discount that you found when they were least expecting it. It’s worth giving back a few dollars of commission to keep a client around for years to come.

Take it From Us. Here’s how positive client relations can affect your insurance business growth.

Be Available

Return calls within 24 hours. Don’t put off client emails for days and weeks. Be considerate of your customers’ time and needs—they’re coming to you for the answers and for help. It offers a personal touch when you make sure your customers can reach you. It helps build trust and reminds them that they’re communicating with a real person, not a robot.


Every single customer is unique and has their own set of pet peeves and preferences. Learn them. Take the time to attend to their likes and dislikes. Show some respect and that you value them as individuals and you’re more likely to earn that back in return.

Customers may not always remember what you do for them, but you can be sure that they’ll never forget what you didn’t do. Provide excellent customer service for your customers and your insurance agency is sure to find success.

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