How to Build a Winning Brand Strategy For Your Insurance Agency

Sure, you know who you are, but do your clients have a strong sense of your agency’s brand? Nothing's easy about selling something that people wish they didn’t even need in the first place. It’s a constant challenge trying to stand out from the many competitors who are offering virtually the same product. Although insurance can be a particularly difficult industry to navigate , we’re here to tell you that the secret to your insurance agency’s success lies in the strength of your branding.

Branding in a nutshell is what comes to your client’s minds when you mention your business. It’s important to develop a brand story that makes people feel instantly connected to your business.  Having an effective brand strategy in place can help connect you to your clients.

Branding is the jumping off point for just about everything you do in your business.  It’s crucial to get it right from the start.

These tips to building your brand strategy can set you apart from the competition. 

Promote value

Your brand needs to create a value that far exceeds your physical value.  In the end, your brand’s value boils down to distinction---the ability to set your brand apart in the insurance industry. It’s critical to provide on-going value to your target market to become the go-to person in your field and achieve better brand recognition.

Be memorable

People tend to do business with insurance agencies they’re familiar with.  Your goal is to own a position in the customer’s mind so they can remember you and think of you differently than the competition. When your brand is easy to recognize, it helps customers feel more at ease using your services.  

Be consistent

Strong brands don’t just happen overnight. Being diligent and consistent is key to an effective brand strategy.  Remain consistent across all marketing channels to remain strong. Make sure every single email, contract, ad etc. has consistent branding.  Make sure potential and current customers are familiar with your brand and quality of service.  Understand your unique point of excellence to establish your differentiation.  This type of branding requires your long-term commitment.  Always stay focused and remember that consistency is critical to your success.  

Developing a solid brand strategy should be one your highest business priorities. It will truly make a huge difference in your potential for long term success.

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