How to Get Referrals to Be a Successful Insurance Agent

The “R” word is thrown around a lot among insurance agents.  Referrals.  In the insurance business, referrals are identified as a magic potion of sorts.  Why? Because they are.  If you have a flow of referrals coming into your office, you are that much closer to becoming a super successful insurance agent.  We have 3 expert tips on how to get you started on the right path to success.  

Here are 3 tips on how to get referrals to be a successful insurance agent.  

Don’t be passive

You can’t expect to sit back and wait for referrals to develop to be a successful insurance agent.  Plant the seed and tell your clients!  Introduce referrals to them and ask if they are willing to refer others to you.  Even if your client is enthusiastic about the service you provide, they may be reluctant to sing your praises without thinking about it or without your encouragement.  

Get social  

Connect with your clients on social media.  This way you can get in front of their friends and family quicker which can lead to more new business.  Social media is about nurturing relationships and functions best when used conversationally.  If you can help, join in on the conversations happening out there and engage with them.  And always tune in to your audience.  Here are the best social media platforms for insurance agencies, according to Agents Alliance.  

As Client Focus empowers you to focus and connect, you’ll see an increase in revenue, retention, and referrals.  Contact us today!

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Give them a reason to talk

Consider being a reputable and reliable source of resources and education for your clients they can easily share with others.  The more you are mentioned in their conversations, the greater the chance of them referring you to their family and friends.  Write a blog, book speaking engagements, host your own event or seminar, provide valuable information on social media or submit educational articles to your local media publications.   By maintaining and using your informed clients as ambassadors, they will have a much greater reach and influence than conventional  marketing.   

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Referrals are one of the most powerful components to having your business thrive and for you to be a successful insurance agent. Use these tips to watch your success skyrocket!

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