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The Client Focus Philosophy.  Business growth today comes from focusing on doing high-value things really well. It also depends on getting and keeping customers. It’s true for us; it’s true for the companies we serve. Focusing more and connecting better means happier, more loyal customers. Happy, loyal customers mean business growth. Focus. Connect. Grow.

Client Focus understands small business. Small businesses begin as ideas, then turn into dreams and if you’re lucky - they become a reality.

They grow out of risk-taking, long nights, and plenty of elbow grease. That’s where you came from; it’s where we came from also.

Client Focus truly is a win-win.  But don’t just listen to us!  Here are some of the many Client Focus success stories:

“ I am not kidding, I am thrilled with you guys!”  Stephanie Wilmsmeyer               

“We are really pleased with the outcome of you guys calling….You’ve been able to get some in here that we have not been able to get in here. So we’ve been really pleased.”  Sam Spivey               

“My experience with Client Focus has been nothing short of remarkable. The customers have no idea that it’s not a team member from my office, and most importantly I love having an opportunity to speak with the caller that is assigned to my account. It’s a great retention tool and acquisition tool. What is most exciting is there are never any excuses as to why appointments are not set. Client Focus is how we maintain relationships, and keep up with the changing needs of our clients.”  Angela Frangieh

“Client Focus has been one of our biggest assets when it comes making sure that we are touching base with every one of our customers. What I love the most about Client Focus is that I can count on them as an extension of my staff. They are thorough, organized and communicate very well with our business. I have very few companies that I recommend to my colleagues but Client Focus is at the top of that list.”  John Chandler, Allstate

“Client Focus has worked great in our office! Their service is a tremendous value. We’ve been using them since 2011 for IFR appointments and multi-lining our customers. Their conversion ratio is high and the show-up ratio is even higher. We also have them reach out to our 1-3 year policyholders for retention. Many of my customers have commented on the professionalism of the callers. They consistently schedule the IFR appointment, they handle the reminder call and even reschedules if necessary. This full service approach has made it an excellent fit for my office.”  Jay Jackson

“I think they have been going well and anytime I have had to say ‘can you move this appointment around,’ everybody’s been so fast at taking care of it. So we are really impressed.”  Randy Thompson

“I have used our current vendor for CPR’s (Issues & Answers) through our platinum marketing plan offered by Allstate. I believe Client Focus is far superior and would recommend them as a preferred vendor because they have helped my agency in retention and growth. We are currently on pace to make Chairman’s Conference, and couldn’t have done it without them. I don’t normally recommend vendors but in this case, I truly feel they could be an asset to our company by providing our agency force with impeccable service, professionalism and most importantly, results.”  Greg DeCarlo, Allstate

“What I like is that it’s easy, my staff does [the reviews], clients are getting reviews, data is being updated and I haven’t heard a single complaint.”  Mike Krupka, Allstate

“Overall, our rapport with our clients has improved tremendously as a result of the Client Focus program. We are touching base with people that we have not been able to get a commitment out of in forever.”  David Brown

“Out of all the programs I’ve used in the past in I don’t know how many years, this is one of my favorite ones. Things are working out really quite well.”  Kent Gering

“They’re actually going so good I’m staying so busy that I can’t keep up. That’s a good thing though…..Ya’ll are doing a good job of getting people in that we’ve been trying to get in. For some reason ya’ll just getting them in better . So we are really pleased……My success ratio is really good.”  Mindy Runge

“I don’t know what you guys are saying but this is something that me and Vance have been working on for a couple of years on how to get people to actually come in. We’ve made a lot of calls and sent out a lot of cards and tried to get people to come in but all of a sudden whatever you guys are doing and saying, we’ve got all these people coming in. It’s giving us a great opportunity to get to know the customers better and to let them know everything we do here in the office. It is a great opportunity for more sales and just some really good interaction with our customers.”  Vance Goddard

“[A] good friend […] keeps asking me, ‘How’s it going? How’s it going? How’s it going?’ Just do it! Quit asking and do it! It’s working!” It’s a fantastic service. It’s the most economical team member we have ever had. It allows my team members to continue to do the things that they need to do, and from you I am getting a professional team member that is scheduling my appointments […] I’ve tried to do it the other way; I’ve tried to get my team members to do it, and unfortunately it works for a little while but then invariably they get busy doing something else and we don’t have the appointments we need. As far as [reviews] go, it is probably the number one thing in regards to retention of your business. It’s two things actually, it’s a retention tool and an insulation tool. If you have an [insurance review] you have the opportunity to insulate your business with additional product lines by having discovery conversations. In just about every case so far that I have had come in here, we have written something – we have either increased coverage, we have uncovered gaps, we have had life insurance conversations, we’ve talked about retirement plans and health insurance, we’re writing home insurance […] It has been very beneficial. Glad you guys are there!”  Jeff Zachary

“I think it has been going really well. We have been able to generate some business. We have not really had a whole lot of cancellations. So far, so good. We are very happy to date.”  Tim Buswell

“Appointments are being set which is then giving us the opportunity to retain business as well as selling other products. With rates going up everywhere, people are really analyzing their bills now days. The [insurance review] has become critical to have that extra support from Client Focus to get those appointments set up. To get those people in our office or on the phone or home appointment or whatever it might be is absolutely helping us to retain business as well as writing additional business.” RyanSalonia

“Client Focus keeps my appointments coming, and I love the fact that I do not have a lot of no-shows. I would highly recommended Client Focus to other Agents”  Dan Maciejewski

“It’s working well. We’re glad to be back with you. We shouldn’t have left in the first place. We went with [a competitor] for awhile and it wasn’t the same…We’d rather be with Client Focus. You have a fan here.”  John Mouw

“I think they have been going well and anytime I have had to say ‘can you move this appointment around,’ everybody’s been so fast at taking care of it. So we are really impressed.”  Denise Garcia


Pivot Your Insurance Agency Towards Sustainable Growth Are you an insurance agent who feels that your agency is stuck? Is your team grinding new leads each month yet your agency never seems to grow? Client Focus has worked with thousands of agents over the past 15 years just like you. Our purpose is to help your insurance agency pivot onto a path to sustainable growth.

A Practical approach to building sustainable growth for your insurance agency

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