Fight Inbox Infinity with These 4 Email Management Tips

Email. It truly is a blessing and a curse.  It was designed to make communication a breeze, but if you don’t have a firm grip on email management, it can have the opposite effect. The continuous flood of client emails, industry group emails, company emails, newsletters…you get the picture. And man, they can pile up fast. Email turns into an instant messenger game -you probably have some days where you feel like all you do is react to email.  

Typically, there are two types of people when it comes to email management:

  1. The person who lets their emails pile up
  2. The person who fights the constant battle to achieve inbox zero

Whichever your email MO, we can all agree that it’s all-too easy to get buried alive.  According to studies done by the Radicati Group, the amount of emails sent each day is estimated to be around 269 billion (billion!) and the average office worker receives upwards of 120 emails every day! Arguably, answering email could be a job in itself!  

Don’t let poor email management threaten to take over your entire workday. It’s time to fight back.  

We have your email management tips to fight inbox infinity and defeat the email vortex once and for all.  

Touch it Onceemail management 3.jpg

This may be one of the hardest email management tools to get into, but once you do, we know you’ll love it and that burst of productivity that follows. When you open a message, read it and then take the necessary action right then and there! When you open an email and then choose to come back to it later, it only has to be weeded through again, costing you even more time and energy.  

Is time management killing your insurance agency?  Client Focus shares 3 ways to master your time management skills.

If You Don’t Read It, Unsubscribe!

Make your inbox seem less overwhelming by slowing down the flow of what’s coming in. It seems more time consuming than it is to simply unsubscribe to those unwanted email messages that you take time to delete every single day.  

Stop Scrolling

It’s easy to scroll through your inbox which means getting lost and losing productivity. Follow the first rule of “touching it once” and take action instead of simply scrolling through and skimming.  

Stick to a Scheduleemail management 2.jpg

Don’t stay strapped to your email and establish a schedule that you can stick to. Block out 10 to 15 minutes a few times each day to go through your inbox. Set a timer, touch it once and stop when time is up!    

Here are 14 email management tools from HubSpot to organize your inbox.  

The goal of perfecting your email management skills doesn’t mean necessarily reaching “inbox zero”, but finding a more efficient communication tool that doesn’t take up your entire day. Go from email overload to a production powerhouse with these tips in no time! 

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