Tips for Selling Insurance to Skyrocket Success

Knowing how to sell insurance can be a lucrative career.  You just have to know how to do it the right way.  But have no fear!  Client Focus has compiled a list of some of the best advice out there that you will apply for years to come.  

4 Effective Tips for Selling Insurance

Know your client

Make sure that every encounter you have with your client is a unique one.  Be alert to details that matter to them.  Make it a point to ask them about themselves.  Take the time to listen to them and talk less.  Sit down and ask them about their lifestyle.  Ask questions about their family, their concerns for the future and what they are looking for.  Think of your role as more of an insurance consultant instead of an insurance salesman.

Build solid relationships

One of the best tips for selling insurance is to build genuine relationships—that’s the key, that they are genuine.  Work to offer solutions to your client’s problems and offer new ideas to show you care.  Be knowledgeable about your prospect’s background—bother professionally and personally.  Ask lots of questions and practice perceptive listening.  

As Client Focus empowers you to focus and connect, you’ll see an increase in revenue, retention, and referrals.  Contact us today! 

Commit to long-term relationships

Selling insurance can be quite the roller coaster ride.  There are some days you’re on top and some day’s not so much.  If you don’t commit to the long-term prospects of your career as an insurance agent, these ups and down could get the best of you. Commit to your own future success.  You want your clients to invest in you and be with you for the long haul, so take any steps necessary to ensure you are too.

Don’t rush it

Selling insurance is a process.  If you move too quickly and skip important steps like qualifying a prospect, you could lose the deal entirely.  Be patient.  Successful insurance agents have the ability to assess where the prospect is in their decision making process and know when to move them through the right steps at the right time.  And all at the same time building a relationship to cultivate a long-term client.  

It takes more than enthusiasm to achieve long-term success as an insurance agent.  Use these effective tips for selling insurance to help you make it and thrive in this industry.

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A Practical approach to building sustainable growth for your insurance agency

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