Tips for Selling Insurance When Encountering Client Apathy

If you sell insurance, you know that one of your biggest obstacles can be combating client apathy during a meeting. Typically, you might encounter clients who don't understand the value of the insurance you're providing them. They may not realize the potential danger of not having enough insurance or where their blindspots might be when it comes to coverage. One way to fight this apathy is by digging deep and providing a fantastic customer experience that encompasses several things: building trust, educating your client, making them aware of potential dangers down the road, and most importantly, providing solutions.

As an insurance provider, you really can create a positive experience for your customers and change lives in the process. Here are some "common sense" but transformative tips for selling insurance that will really change up your approach and help eliminate client apathy.

Tips for Selling Insurance That Involve Putting Your Clients' Needs First

Because of the intangible nature of what you are selling, client apathy is especially prevalent in this industry. Your potential clients must rely on the customer service experience as a substitute for the product that they are actually purchasing. So providing this special customer experience to combat that apathy has become incredibly important. Here's what you can do.

What can you do to eliminate client apathy?

Build Trust

When it comes to your rapport with your clients, trust is a valuable currency. Customers will not feel comfortable doing business with you if they don’t feel like you are looking out for their best interests - and they won’t feel inclined to trust your business if your integrity is in question.

Build trust by creating an open line of communication between you and your clients. Actually get to know your clients - know the names of their spouses, their children, their pets. Be actively aware of big life events happening for them, such as a teenager getting their driver's license, getting married, purchasing that house in the mountains for retirement.

By staying involved in your clients' lives and focused on their best interests, you will foster immense trust and a stronger client relationship. Having a strong relationship allows you to open up a conversation about the importance of certain kinds of coverage without losing the client's interest.

Educate Your Clients

People don’t look into insurance out of the blue. Chances are, there is something happening in their lives that has encouraged them to look into expanding their insurance coverage. You can fight client apathy at your agency by being aware of the kinds of events that bring customers to your door, and by doing your best to stay relevant to their search. Educate your clients by letting them know how important it is to stay on top of their life insurance policies, insuring large purchases (such as a brand new motorcycle or even an expensive modification on a truck bed), and help them to understand how having the right insurance can keep them and their family protected.

Anticipate your customers’ needs by providing a seamless "check in" process. From the very first online inquiry to the moment when a new customer signs their paperwork, to 10 years down the road when they are expanding their coverage, they should feel that you are providing them with personalized, contextualized service. They should also feel that they understand what they are getting and why they are getting it when it comes to their policies.


Let Them Know Their Blindspots

Part of combating client apathy, outside of educating them, is letting them know where there is the potential for future disaster. It sounds dramatic, but when it comes to insurance coverage the outcome can be truly unfortunate for everyone involved if the right insurance is not in place. The client might understand that they will "eventually" need a certain type of coverage, but by the time there is a disaster, it's much too late and your clients' very livelihood could be in danger.

Here is where you could truly have an impact on your clients' lives as an insurance agent. By making them aware of their blindspots and strongly encouraging they expand their coverage where necessary, you could save them an immense amount of heartbreak in the future. They will be glad they had an agent who truly cared for their family's well-being and pushed them into taking action where needed. And you will be glad that you don't have to have the dreaded phone call where you explain there is nothing you can do once tragedy strikes.

Provide Solutions

Once you've made your clients aware of their coverage "holes", it's time to provide them with solutions. Be proactive and get creative - strive to get your clients' the best rates they can possibly have, and look for discounts where possible (for example, ask about their career - Veterans often get discounts for certain insurance coverage). Your job is to ensure that your clients' assets and lives are in good hands and protected - as well as making sure they can afford the coverage they need.

Selling insurance may not sound like a glamorous profession, but it can truly have a huge impact on someone's life. By putting your clients' needs first and ensuring they are well-cared for you can truly change lives and help them to avoid future pitfalls. Plus, your clients will be less apathetic towards what you can offer them in the long-term. It's a win-win!


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