Insurance Sales Tips for Agents: Serving vs. Selling

Whether you have been selling insurance for five minutes or five decades, there is always something that you can do to become a better agent. The insurance industry isn’t always straightforward, and it is your job as an agent to guide clients through the process of learning about various policy options towards making a decision. However, the best insurance sales tips that agents can benefit from stem from the art of serving, not selling. Here's what we mean by that.

Learn How to Serve, Not Sell, with These 3 Insurance Sales Tips

You Have to Feel It, Not Fake It

The truth is that you can actually sell and close more business if you focus on serving your clients instead of just selling to them. This paradoxical approach requires focusing on the client rather than your short-term business goals, but it's truly effective. Why? Because when a client feels that you have put their needs over yours because you love and care about them, they will trust you to handle their insurance. Nobody wants to feel like they were being sold or closed - however, everyone wants to feel like they are valued and that their lives and assets matter. Develop a mindset early on that you are here to serve your client in the best way that you can. You can't fake authenticity. You need to feel, and prove, that you care.

Empower Through Education

You are an insurance expert. You know policies backwards and forwards and have an answer to every trick question in the book. But can you explain these things to someone who has no idea what they’re doing? This is the most important insurance sales tip of all, because the truth is that most people find the process of buying insurance incredibly overwhelming. When you’re explaining policy options to a client (for the first time or the five thousandth time), it’s important to get on their level and use language that they can understand. Empathize and understand their problems and challenges and then empower them with your expertise. A client who feels educated about what insurance they require, and what that means for their life, will feel empowered to move forward with the sale.

Provide Solutions to Their Problems

Many insurance agents think that they know the answer to questions before they are even out of a client’s mouth. Don’t get lost in your sales pitch and forget to listen to the needs of the human being you are selling to. They have unique circumstances and needs, and they will appreciate that you take the time to listen and empathize. Plus, understanding your clients’ needs will give you the opportunity to demonstrate your knowledge and pick up on information you need to solve their particular circumstance. With the mindset of serving over selling, you will be able to better find a solution that meets your clients needs and protects their future.

Serving your clients instead of selling to them can actually make a difference in the world. Not only could it positively impact your clients' lives, but from a business standpoint, it helps you to produce more quality sales in the long run. By truly feeling and expressing compassion, educating your clients, and ultimately providing the best solutions, you will establish a client base of loyal and trusting people who will refer to you for years to come.

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