How to Sell Insurance While Delivering the “WOW” Factor

It’s one thing to give someone what they paid for.  It’s another to make them feel great about it.  Wondering how to sell insurance and leave your clients saying “WOW!”?  Add a personal touch to reinforce the connection.  Think about the last time you’ve experienced “Wow!” from a company.  How did it impact you?  How can you deliver the same experience?

Let’s delve into how to lead in your marketing and deliver that WOW factor.

How to Sell Insurance That Makes Clients Say “WOW!”

What makes you different than other top agents?  The secret to top agent’s success isn’t simply luck, hard work, personality or location.  The secret is that they do things differently.  Top insurance agents know what works and what doesn’t, and they only do what works.

At the highest level, there are three principles that make top agents stand out—three things that they implement and emphasize, that many of their struggling peers don’t. These principles are:

  • They concentrate their efforts on the highest value activities
  • They cultivate sustainable, profitable relationships
  • They build a business, not just an income

Wow Them From the Start

It’s been said that first impressions last.  This couldn’t be more true of the customer experience.  If their initial exposure to you creates a positive impression, they are primed for further positive experiences and will be positively biased.

Build Relationships

Relationships are an important part of the insurance process.  If not the most important part. Your objective should always be to deliver “wow” customer service and provide a high level of expertise in insurance and risk management.  Here are four things you can start doing today to get you on the path of delivering “wow” customer service and also to develop deeper relationships with your clients.

  1. Be willing to collaborate. Clients don’t want to be “sold”; they want to work alongside you to achieve mutual goals.  Let them be a part of their own success and allow them to be involved in the process.
  2. Ask questions, listen.  It’s not about you, it’s about the customer.
  3. Help minimize risk. You want to help your customers avoid pitfalls.  Show them how to minimize their risk.
  4. Show that you care. Caring will help to build trust.  Do you return their calls promptly?  Do requests get processed quickly?

Top agents invest their time and effort into turning their book into a growth machine by establishing sustainable, profitable relationships with every client possible. These agents successfully build those relationships on trust, credibility, value, and “Wow!”, and they leverage those relationships to get and keep clients. Now go make a difference!

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