5 Great Ways to Truly Show Client Appreciation (Minus the Fruit Basket)

If you don’t go out of your way to show some client appreciation, or in any relationship for that matter, that relationship can deteriorate and eventually die. Okay, maybe we’re being a tad bit dramatic, but your client relationships really are critical to your success as an insurance agent.  

This industry is increasingly competitive and it’s more important than ever to solidify those client relationships and increase client retention and satisfaction.  Building a strong client relationship includes showing client appreciation. Period. And it will set you apart from those competitors who only reach out when they want to sell something. Don’t be that person.

Everyone wants to feel valued.  And especially when people are making difficult choices involving their wallets. One effective way to make each of your customers feel special is to show some appreciation—and genuine appreciation at that.  

Not sure where to start? Here are just 5 of the ways you can show some love.

5 Awesome Ways to Show Client Appreciation

Go Old School & Write a Thank You Note

We live in a digital world where email and texting are the main source of communication. It’s all too easy to fire off a quick ‘Thank You’ email and call it a day. But try to hold off because it won’t be memorable or personable. Sending a handwritten note goes a long way and means a lot since it’s sadly become such a rare occurrence. Your clients will be touched that you were thinking of them and you took the time to personalize a handwritten note to acknowledge your appreciation of their business.  

Give Them a Ring

No, not that kind of ring. Call them out of the blue with no strings attached whatsoever! Surprise your client with a random phone call just to say, “thank you so much for your business.”  Typically a phone call from your insurance agent means either there’s a problem or they’re trying to sell something. That’s why a surprise thank you phone call is remarkable and will leave a lasting impression. And it doesn’t have to be long—a quick thank you call can have priceless effects.  


Surprise Them With a Gift

Send a little gift! You could send a gift card to their favorite restaurant or coffee shop or order pizza for their office. Surprise them with tickets to an upcoming concert that they’ll love or their favorite sports event. Or what about tickets to the theater or museum? You get the idea. A personalized gift not only shows that you care but that you’ve paid attention and respect the client relationship.

Make a Donation

Let your valued clients know that you’d like to make a contribution in their name to their favorite charity. It’s an impactful way to connect and one that has meaning.  

Recognize Special Events

Don’t just wait for the holidays to show your appreciation. Make each client feel like they’re part of the team by recognizing special events in their lives. It could be their birthday, a new addition to the family or a promotion. Send a small gift like a plant or flowers along with a handwritten card. This thoughtful gesture will communicate volumes and won’t be forgotten.  

Make sure your business strategy includes saying ‘thank you’. Showing appreciation isn’t about reminding clients that you’re waiting for more business from them. You have to connect and be real. Showing engagement with your clients is a great way to ensure long term success and can create raving fans.   

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