4 Productivity Apps Insurance Agents Can’t Miss

As a busy insurance agent, it’s crucial to stay on top of your game inside and outside of the office. And a new year represents many things to insurance agencies—brand new business goals, new strategies and, best of all, new opportunities to win more clients. Adding effective productivity apps to your smartphone or tablet will ensure that you achieve your goals for 2018.

There is an overwhelming amount of productivity apps out there, so we’ve gathered 4 great options for you to get started.

4 Productivity Apps to Download Now


(Download Evernote)

You’re waiting in line at the grocery store and just had an awesome idea that will improve your workflow. What do you do with that idea? Enter Evernote. Evernote boasts that they are your second brain—to capture, organize and share notes from anywhere. Think of everything swimming around in your brain and Evernote will organize it for you. You can organize all your work and declutter your life and remember everything. And Evernote works with the entire team as well. Your team can work together, get organized and collaborate effortlessly on any device.


(Download 30/30)

30/30 is one of the greatest productivity apps because it breaks up your to-do list into 30-minute chunks. This makes it easier to schedule your day and stay productive without feeling overwhelmed. Essentially, you work for 30 minutes and focus on one single task, distraction-free. After those 30 minutes, give your mind a break and do something totally unrelated for another 30 minutes. Repeat the cycle.

The 4th quarter of your business istoposes more opportunities and, at the same time, more obstacles. If you need to step-up your 4th quarter strategy, see how we can help.

Dragon Dictation

(Download Dragon Dictation)

Imagine being able to stop typing, and use your voice to dictate an email, text message, Tweet and anything in between. Your smartphone is transformed into the perfect assistant. You can work safely, and efficiently, while driving, running errands, working out, etc. Virtually hands-free, Dragon Dictation is known for its ease of use and accuracy. For insurance agents, this means you can create follow-up emails the moment you’re back in the car after a meeting. Talk about a productivity enhancement!


(Download DocuSign)

The insurance industry relies on a lot of paperwork and paper documents are a hassle to manage and have signed—that’s where DocuSign saves the day. DocuSign makes it possible for anyone to sign documents online from almost any device in a simple three-step process:

  1. Upload the document
  2. Sign or route the document for signature
  3. Send the document to its final destination

This app boosts productivity by cutting down on paperwork, providing quick client interactions no matter where they are located and increases form accuracy and completeness.

There you have it—4 productivity apps to kick you and your business into high gear. Happy downloading!

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