3 Marketing Growth Strategies That Will Improve Your Book

Growing your insurance agency business takes hard work and dedication. It also requires a good deal of compassion and empathy--and just a little bit of gumption. This week, we are discussing the best way to get you working towards a long-term growth strategy for your insurance agency. Here are our top 3 tips.

3 Marketing Growth Strategies to Take Your Insurance Agency to the Next Level

One: Develop a Culture That Begets Introductions

If you haven’t already, you should create a culture that helps you meet new prospects. A good referral can be hard to come by in the insurance world, but when done right it can work wonders to help you bring in new leads consistently.  

So don't be afraid to ask for introductions! They are a crucial part of your growth strategy when you are aiming to expand your book. Once a client has recommended someone to you, they’ve confirmed that your relationship represents trust, credibility, and value to them. At this point, your relationship has become sustainable and high-value. Here are a few important points to keep in mind regarding referrals: 

  • Ask the client make the introduction. Ask them to contact the person they’re referring, mention you, and encourage them to engage with you. In short, ask for a warm lead, not a cold one. 
  • Never fail to follow through on a recommendation or referral.
  • Provide excellent service in order to encourage a feeling of trust so that you can ask for an introduction.
  • Follow up with your client to let them know how things went. Compliment the person they introduced, share some good news, and thank them for their friendship. We know building relationships is a critical step in setting up your insurance agency for long-term growth and success.

Two: Be Compassionate and Trustworthy

According to a study by Deloitte, people place a high level of importance on the ability to interact with their insurance agents. This means that a good system of communication needs to exist across a variety of platforms, including: in-person meetings, phone communication, an up-to-date website.

To do your job effectively, you need to worry about the right solutions and about meeting your client’s needs. This means that, as an agent, you must establish a foundation of trust so that they feel comfortable divulging personal information and making investments with you based on your guidance.

Three: Meet Potential Clients Where They Are

Potential clients are coming to you to fulfill a need, and there is likely a reason that they have chosen to purchase insurance at this exact moment in time. It is your job to make sure that they feel secure and like you are doing right by them. Establishing relationships with your book of clients is key in nurturing this feeling. If you know when they are going through these changes, you can do a better job anticipating their needs and keeping them happy. Not to mention, establishing strong relationships also puts you in a good position to ask for (and receive) introductions to other potential clients.


Pivot Your Insurance Agency Towards Sustainable Growth Are you an insurance agent who feels that your agency is stuck? Is your team grinding new leads each month yet your agency never seems to grow? Client Focus has worked with thousands of agents over the past 15 years just like you. Our purpose is to help your insurance agency pivot onto a path to sustainable growth.

A Practical approach to building sustainable growth for your insurance agency

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