Customer Relationship Strategy: Provide Clients With a Fantastic Experience

The best insurance agents are the best for a reason: they go the extra mile. They do things differently than their peers, which means that they are more successful at every step of the insurance process.

But what, exactly, are they doing differently? The truth is less complicated than you may think--we often tell agents that the most successful among them spend more time on what we refer to as high-value selling.

How to Strategically Manage Customer Relationships

What is high-value selling in a customer relationship strategy?

To be clear, when we refer to high-value selling in an insurance policy, we are specifically referring to the period of time where you are working with a client and focusing on understanding their needs. The more you understand your client, gain your client's trust, and build a solid relationship with that client, the more likely they will have multiple lines of insurance through you, stay with you for many years, and refer others to you. This is considered a high-value sale and it has a higher retention rate.

How do you know what your clients need?

It’s all about fostering a relationship.

Although price is a big decision point for customers when considering purchasing insurance, it is not the most important factor in the buying decision. Studies have shown that customer communication and positive customer-agent relationships are key to providing customer satisfaction, encouraging loyalty and establishing value

According to a study by Deloitte, clients and potential clients place a high level of importance on the ability to interact with their insurance agents. This means that a good system of communication needs to exist across a variety of platforms, including: in-person meetings, phone communication, an up-to-date website.

How can you position yourself to have the best possible customer relationship?

When it comes to selling insurance, it all comes down to nurturing the relationship that you have with your clientele. You need to create a foundation of trust so that they feel comfortable divulging deeply personal information and making expensive investments with you. To make sure that you are nurturing your client, you should be:

  • Meeting regularly
  • Communicating appreciation between meetings
  • Showing care and credibility in all of your interactions
  • Educating your client
  • Empowering them to make informed decisions
  • Providing value
These tips are great building blocks for creating a sustainable, successful, and ultimately fulfilling customer relationship strategy. The main takeaway that we can't repeat enough? Don't just sell to your clients - serve them. 


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