Matt Wagner

Matt Wagner is a strategic leader with 20 years of successful execution in the global technology and professional services industries. Matt has worked in regional and global companies from 50 to 50,000 employees, driving strategic initiatives and creating business value. His global experience is extensive, having lived in Seoul, Korea, and having done business in China, the UK, and Israel. True to his Silicon Valley years, Matt’s focus is on growth. His areas of specialty are strategy, culture, leadership, and innovation. His passion is to create a culture where everyone thrives by aligning to key strategic imperatives. He is a writer, speaker, teacher, and mentor. Matt earned a Bachelor’s degree in business from San Jose State University in Silicon Valley.
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Nurturing for Life

By Matt Wagner | April 24, 2017

At Client Focus, we’re fortunate to work with many of the most successful insurance agents in the industry. These[...]

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